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Master Degree
CG Animation & FX

Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse

The CG Animation & FX training is intended for students who wish to integrate the 3D animation field as professionals.

Focused on artistic and technical learning, this 4-year training course offered at ESMA is the perfect way for students to master the main 3D softwares, and eventually immerse themselves in the film industry, enter the video game field or join the world of advertising.

This diploma course, certified by the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP – level 1, equivalent to a Master’s degree), is acclaimed by professionals all over the world.

Accessible after a high-school diploma, this training requires for students to attend a motivational interview and to submit a portfolio of their personal projects. In a professional perspective, a 8-week internship is required, and the training is subject to continuous monitoring.

The CG animation & FX training is offered at ESMA on its campuses of Montpellier, Toulouse, Montréal, Nantes and Lyon.
It’s available is English language only on the Lyon Campus.

CG Animation & FX

CG Animation & FX - Master Degree (France)

Available in french on all the ESMA’s campuses, and in english on the Lyon campus only.
*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

Mecanique – Film 2017

cinéma d’animation
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cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

Je me sens flattée d’être associée aux travaux de cette école merveilleuse depuis tant d’années, et quand j’en parle à mes collègues, je leur dis souvent que l’ESMA est l’une des 2 meilleures écoles, pas juste en France, mais dans le monde.


Shelley Page
‎Head of International Outreach

cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

ESMA est une école exceptionnelle. Les travaux d’Animation et de VFX produits par les étudiants sont impressionnants. Chaque année, j’ai hâte de voir leurs projets!

Dylan Sisson
Technical Marketing Specialist 

cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

Pour se préparer au mieux pour le monde professionnel, les étudiants de l’ESMA apprennent l’importance du travail en équipe. Ils travaillent auprès de professeurs passionnés et expérimentés pour produire d’ambitieux films d’animation !

Jason Figliozzi

Parole de pro

Les étudiants de l’ESMA font partie des profils qui nous intéressent. C’est une école qui a sa place depuis une dizaine d’années parmi les meilleures écoles françaises.

Sébastien Chort
CG Supervisor



The CG animation & FX training also enables students to master all the animation techniques, and the production stages of an animation project integrating digital images:

– in pre-production: creation of models, storyboard, layout, scriptwriting…
– in production: 3D modeling, rigging, compositing, 3D animation…
– and in post-production: lighting, rendering, special effects…

During this training in 3D animation and special effects, students will learn how to use and master the main 3D softwares : Maya (modeling, texturing animation), Houdini (specialized in FX), Marvelous (for fabric textures), Arnold and Renderman (rendering engines), Yeti (for hair simulation)…

The artistic and technical teaching is completed by courses in Art History, image analysis and English.

During their final year at ESMA, the students work in groups on an animation short film, then presented to a jury of international professionals. This project allows them to put into practice the skills acquired during the training.

The presentation of this film is also a great opportunity for students to meet the animation field and the VFX industry professionals, to position themselves and immediately consider a fulfilling and successful career in the animation industry.

ESMA submits these graduation films to the most prestigious festivals, among which Annecy, Siggraph, ITFS…

Educational objectives

With a placement rate of over 93 % only 6 months after the students’ graduation (100% after one year), ESMA is proud to count over 800 alumni into the most prestigious studios in the world, since 2002. The GC animation & FX training offered at ESMA has thus become a reference in France, of course, but also abroad.

In the industries of video game, cinema, advertising and television, 3D and FX are particularly employed. Therefore, ESMA offers a very complete training of expertise, which requires a high level of involvement from the students; these ingredients are the keys to their success once graduated.

ESMA’s GG animation & FX training, aside from being a great opportunity to join an animation or a video game studio, also offers the possibility for graduates to launch themselves as independent professionals. They will also have the choice to pursue their professional life whether in France or abroad, since the trainings is recognized by experts from all around the world.

Networks & Partners

ESMA’s philosophy goes beyond the training of students : the school steadily seeks to expand its networks and develop its role as a bridge to the professional world.

These networks may have educational or professional purposes : the educational networks will enable ESMA to continue to develop the skills of its teams, to have the content of its training recognized, and thus to facilitate its students professional integration. As for professional networks, they will provide students with various opportunities to meet professional actors of their future field of activity (artists, companies, former students…).

They trust us


What comes next ?

There are many opportunities for students.
The “3D Project Manager & FX” training, recognized as a Master’s degree, leads to jobs with responsibilities.