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MANAA Montpellier: « flat design » workshop


As part of their applied arts upgrading courses, ESMA Montpellier’s MANAA students have been experimenting with the « flat design » style.

What is Flat Design?

Flat design is a graphic interface design style characterized by its minimalism. It is based on the use of simple shapes, bright colors and typography games.

Instructions given to students

From the pairs and duets of artists they chose, the students made research in the form of roughs (drawings, sketches).
From their research, they had to retain the most relevant and finalize them on an A4 format from colored paper cut.

Couples or duets of selected artists (we mean couples in the broad sense of the term: associated or opposed, same artistic current, same time, the artist and his work, the director and his film for example), can be painters , sculptors, architects, directors, etc.

Among the works realized, the students chose to work on artists like Gustave Courbet (19th century), Rubens (17th century) or Turner (18th, 19th century).

Here is the result of their work.