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Master’s degree
Motion Graphics Design


The Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree is one of the options offered to students graduated from the Graphic Design Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). Dedicated in fact to students with a solid background in graphic design, drawing and photography, this program focuses its contents on a pragmatic approach to this arising field.

The program was thought to enable the students to master the many tools (animation, FX, sound design, illustration, typography…) at their disposal in order to propose original creations.

*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

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motion graphics design

Parole de prof

Le Motion Design c’est un cocktail audiovisuel ! Les ingrédients qui le composent sont : le dessin, l’illustration, la photographie, le plan vidéo ou cinématographique, l’image de synthèse 2D ou 3D et la typographie.

Grégoire Vannier
Responsable du Mastère Motion Graphics Design


Accessible to students with a certain experience of graphic design, drawing and photography, the Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree focuses its contents on a pragmatic approach to this emerging profession.

The training places at its heart the learning of tools and techniques essential to the creation of films, clips, commercials, credits, or websites Next-Gen.

Thus, the curriculum begins with the mastering of the main software. After Effects of course, but also Premiere Pro, Audition or Cine 4D. Module after module, the students will learn how to animate, model and set up projects in order to put them into motion. 2D and 3D animation will no longer have any secrets for them.

Besides, the school provides a series of courses essential to the successful direction of a video project. Studying stop motion animation techniques, learning to sequence a project via a storyboard or integrating the basics of scriptwriting are some of the skills this year of study will help students to develop.

This training covers all the aspects of the profession: R&D, artistic design and technical production, but also broadcasting on all types of media.

Educational objectives

Dedicated to students who already have knowledge in image work, the Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree has a dual purpose: to develop the students’ creativity while mastering the technical aspects of an animation project.

To this end, ESMA provides its students with the experience of professional lecturers, as well as the access to equipment and software in line with the market’s expectations and developments: shooting studio, film set, HD cameras, sound recording unit…

With individual and collective projects throughout the curriculum, this training is a real opportunity for students to enrich their network and portfolio. Video clips, TV credits, cartoons, advertising or web design, the Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree recreates the conditions of demanding projects, skillfully mixing sound, image and animation.

The course ends with an internship (from 8 to 12 weeks) the students can complete whether in France or abroad. This moment is the opportunity for them to apply the skills acquired during their course, but also to develop their own network.

In practice

The Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree is a training offered in Toulouse. Admission is effective after an interview and the presentation of a portfolio of the student’s work. Lasting 18 months, it includes a 4/6-month internship at the end of the course, and requires two years of previous study in art or Applied Arts.

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What comes next ?

All the year long, the students develop their sense of creativity, while integrating the technical features of an animation project. Finally, they meet the eligibility requirements to practice a professional activity as motion designers, sound designers, video directors, 2D graphic designers, 3D animators…