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Design & Digital Strategy
Master’s Degree

Montpellier, Nantes

In order to enable our students to obtain high-level responsibilities as soon as possible in their career, ESMA offers a Graphic Design master’s degree.

This one-year training is the natural continuation of the Bachelor’s degree, and allows a deeper mastering of graphic design artistic practices and theories : cross-channel recommendations, webdesign, motion design, e-marketing… It also focuses on the strategic aspect of visual communication.

*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

Cœur de Ville en Lumières 2017

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Parole de prof

Que les étudiants se constituent un book, voilà l’objectif de cette formation ! Qu’ils arrivent à affiner leur profil en fonction de ce qu’ils savent faire, de ce qu’ils aiment faire est primordial.

Isabelle Molina
Responsable du Mastère Design & Stratégie Digitale


The Graphic Design Master’s degree offers students a layered view of digital communication. In addition to general disciplines, including applied English and web culture, ESMA’s training is focused on the strategic approach of a project, and the mastering of its tools. Webdesign, cross-channel recommendations, motion design animation, e-marketing and project management are the foundations of a complete teaching.

Masterclasses are an important part of the curriculum, and are led by professionals in activity. In fact, they allow the students to confront themselves to the realities of the profession.
Additionally to the classes, the students will also work in teams on professional projects. They will thus understand the reality of their future jobs.

The program includes graphic design, video, animation, SEO, SEM, copywriting, marketing, social media… After this 2-year training, the students master all the major tools required, and are able to assume positions in a sector in full expansion.

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The students will also be tested under real conditions with the creation of a 360° communication agency. Divided in groups, this teamwork is the occasion for them to review and use all the communication means at their disposal.

Throughout their course, the students will develop a comprehensive Print and Web strategy, and will also solicit potential advertisers. They will thus be able to meet the different requirements of the customer.

Fully integrated into the training, a 6-month internship within a graphic design company, wether in France or abroad, is the occasion for the students to put their skills into practice. Focused on a specific project, it will also lead to their thesis, which is a part of the validation of the students’ skill level.

What comes next ?

ESMA’s Graphic Design Master’s degree allows you to fully embrace the digital world! A first experience where strategy and creativity are closely intertwined.

From the conception of print and web media to project management, this specific training will help you become a high-performance professional.

As a complement to a 2 or 3-year Higher Education diploma, the Graphic Design Master’s degree is a qualifying course (4-year Higher Education diploma), offered in Montpellier, Toulouse & Nantes.

Practical and theoretical teaching, Masterclasses, multi-projects management involving speakers from the professional world : during one year, ESMA offers its students all the needed conditions to acquire skills where creativity and strategy go hand in hand.


The Graphic Design Master’s degree is offered in Montpellier, Toulouse and Nantes. Admission is effective after an interview and the presentation of a portfolio of the student’s creations.

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What comes next ?

Once armed with their diploma, the students will chose their professional path according to their own interests. Webdesigner, head of communication, project manager, e-marketing manager, graphic designer, artistic director, SEO manager… The range of options is wide, and the students’ versatility is a great asset !