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AEC 3D Animated Cinema and
Visual Effects (Montréal)


Starting in September 2018, ESMA will offer its students a training course in the heart of the city of Montreal. In the wake of the giants of animation and video games, ESMA integrates one of the largest cities of image in the world, allowing its students to join also this flourishing market and coveted.

The AEC (Certificate of Collegial Studies *) “3D Animated Cinema and Visual Effects” is intended for all students wishing to enter the 3D animation professions.

Accessible after the baccalaureate, the motivation interview and the presentation of a file of work required for admission by ESMA Montréal are decisive in the selection of students.

* Programs leading to an ACS are qualifying technical school programs, consisting only of specific training courses geared towards the labor market.

CG Animation & FX program in Montreal

6quadrimesters (sessions)to validate to graduate

Mecanique – Film 2017

cinéma d’animation
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cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

Je me sens flattée d’être associée aux travaux de cette école merveilleuse depuis tant d’années, et quand j’en parle à mes collègues, je leur dis souvent que l’ESMA est l’une des 2 meilleures écoles, pas juste en France, mais dans le monde.


Shelley Page
‎Head of International Outreach

cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

ESMA est une école exceptionnelle. Les travaux d’Animation et de VFX produits par les étudiants sont impressionnants. Chaque année, j’ai hâte de voir leurs projets!

Dylan Sisson
Technical Marketing Specialist 

cinéma d’animation

Parole de pro

Pour se préparer au mieux pour le monde professionnel, les étudiants de l’ESMA apprennent l’importance du travail en équipe. Ils travaillent auprès de professeurs passionnés et expérimentés pour produire d’ambitieux films d’animation !

Jason Figliozzi

Parole de pro

Les étudiants de l’ESMA font partie des profils qui nous intéressent. C’est une école qui a sa place depuis une dizaine d’années parmi les meilleures écoles françaises.

Sébastien Chort
CG Supervisor


International recognition of the professional world

Both in French and in English, the training in Cinema Animation & 3D Special Effects offered by ESMA Montreal is organized in 6 quadrimesters. Focused on the acquisition of technical skills, the development of artistic practice and the application of practical methods, it aims to provide students with all the education required to be able to enter in the professional market as professionals in the digital image.

The training is available after a Bac (all series) or a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC). After a motivational interview and an in-depth study of their personal projects, students are selected to join the ranks of this study cycle, which requires prior art skills.

For 6 quadrimesters, students will be trained in 3D animation and digital creation software (Maya, Houdini, Marvelous, Arnold, Renderman, Zbrush …) that will allow them to master each step of an animation project. Whether they wish to intervene in the pre-production phase (storyboard, script, charac design …), production (animation, modeling …) or post-production (rendering, lighting …), the students will have acquired during this training methods of work, technical mastery and artistic talent necessary for their professional integration.

Courses in art history, English and image analysis complete the training.

In connection with the professional world

The curriculum is punctuated by regular interventions from active professionals, with whom ESMA is constantly developing partnerships (Pixar, Sony, MPC …). This support is an opportunity for students to learn from the greats, and to develop their network. The conferences, workshops and masterclasses organized by the school’s teaching staff are just a few examples. This approach is also part of an evolutionary approach on the part of ESMA’s pedagogical directorate, which through these regular contacts with professionals, remains aware of the reality of the sector.

During their last year of study, students are immersed in real working conditions, and collaborate in groups on the creation of animated films. This year, entirely dedicated to this project, is also the opportunity for each student to choose a specialization, which will be the subject of his work on the graduation film. The pooling of skills and the project-based approach are two aspects that students will also practice during this last year of study.

Graduation Jury

After the presentation of these projects in front of a jury of professionals, the school organizes recruitment sessions in order to open always a little more the fields of possibilities to its students, and to allow them to project themselves in their professional career. With an integration rate of 93% only 6 months after the end of the training, ESMA students benefit from optimal integration into the labor market !


They trust us


What comes next ?

There are many opportunities for students.
The training leads to jobs with responsibilities.