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Bachelor’s degree & BTS
Graphic Design

Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse

A 2 year training

The Graphic Design Bachelor’s degree program is a 2 year curriculum, which ambition is to prepare the students to enter the professional fields of graphic arts, advertising, publishing and multimedia.

Providing the students the required tools to work on all kinds of media, this training also endeavours to give them the automatics to coordinate an advertising campaign, to design a website or to create a graphic charter…


*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

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Teacher quote

To find our own personnality, develop our own creativity, and remind to each student that he’s been a child full of imagination… This is the challenge!

Catherine Jean
Head of Graphic Design Department (Montpellier)

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Parole de pro

Au-delà de la créativité et de la technicité démontrées lors des jurys, c’est l’implication au sein de l’ESMA et l’enthousiasme des étudiants qui m’ont marquée.

Séverine Duprat
General Manager 


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Parole de pro

J’ai trouvé les étudiants très curieux et joueurs lors des expérimentations typographiques. Cette ouverture à des pratiques plus manuelles, à l’heure de l’ère numérique, est à mon sens le signe de l’ouverture d’esprit de l’école.

Didier Mazellier


ESMA is a visual communication and digital school whose vocation is to train its students in graphic design, advertising, publishing and multimedia.


If the BTS demands the students to choose between two options (print media or digital media), our Bachelor gives the opportunity to practice these two fields of visual and graphic communication throughout the course.

It allows them to fulfill their ambitions, and access to a successful professional career in the field of graphic design !

This 3-year Higher Education diploma is more inclined towards a professional orientation than the BTS. Some general disciplines, such as the physical sciences, general culture, expression or even philosophy, are replaced by professional teachings.

Project management, digital workshop, digital strategy and above all the approach of Graphic Design in its global dimension rather than as an option, give this Bachelor’s degree a professionalizing dimension.


The BTS is a 2-year Higher Education diploma, recognized by the State, and directly accessible after a high-school diploma in Applied Arts (STD2A for example) or a class of MANAA.

The teaching is centred around artistic & graphic creation, communication, digital technologies and graphic culture. This training offers two options, either in print media or in digital media. General disciplines (science, English, philosophy, general culture and expression) are provided throughout the course.

Print media

Graphic creation on traditional communication supports, known as “print” (posters, brochures, signage, packaging…).

Digital media

Graphic creation on virtual communication supports (websites, interactive terminals, TV presentations…).

The BTS in Graphic Design should be the subject of a forthcoming reform aiming to make it merge with the class of MANAA, and shift it into a 3-year Higher Education diploma. These modifications have not yet been officially published and this new version of the training, if adopted, should hopefully be closer to our Graphic Design Bachelor’s training program, focused on a more professional approach.

Educational objectives

Under continuous monitoring, this 2-year training ends with a final examination, and a work presentation in front of a jury of professionals.

Throughout this training in graphic design, the students elaborate and develop a large range of communication proposals in real work conditions. This allow them to show their ability to manage and invest themselves in professional projects.

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In order to facilitate their entry into the professional life, students in a Graphic Design (from the Bachelor’s degree or the BTS) must complete a compulsory internship at the end of their 1st year of study. This internship can be performed within a advertising company or a communication agency, in France or abroad.

With success rates ranging from 80 to 100%, ESMA’s rigorous trainings maximize the students’ chances to realize their full potential, both personally and professionally.

By giving the student the opportunity to totally involve himself within the type of structure he plans on joining after his graduation (communication agency, advertising company, communication department of a private or public institution…), the internship at the end of the 1st year of study allows him to refine his career choice, and to position himself in the job market.


Graduates of the Graphic Design Bachelor’s degree or the BTS, can continue their studies at ESMA.
Today, our school offers two possibilities afterwards : the Graphic Design Master’s degree, and the Motion Graphics Design Master’s degree.

Students wishing to increase their knowledge can pursue their training within our school of Applied Arts.


At the end of these two years of training, the young graduates in Graphic Design will be able to use their talents in the service of advertising agencies, creative studios, design offices, publishing houses…

Profession : Webdesigner

The visual communication professionals are creatives who can be involved in publishing (typography, layout of a book, magazine…), graphic design (graphic charter, signage, logo…), advertising (media campaign, poster, press ad…) and multimedia (website, intranet, applications…).

They must be able to use their artistic sensitivity and their analytical skills to deliver a clear visual message about a product, a service or a company. Then, they will have to offer solutions, coordinate the production of the final documents, and finally be able to argue the project.

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What comes next ?

In terms of career opportunities, our Graphic Design training offers multiple possibilities and a wide range of professions : Graphic Designer, Computer Graphic Designer, Designer, Art Director, Graphic Illustrator, Project Manager, Freelance Graphic Designer or Web Designer / Web Graphic Artist.