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Bachelor’s degree & BTS
Space Design

Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse

BTS or Bachelor’s degree ?

ESMA offers two trainings in Space Design, directly accessible after a high-school diploma in Applied Arts (Bac ST2A) or a preparatory year, such as a Design Preparatory class, or a class of MANAA. They both aim at preparing the students to enter the professional field of space and interior design


The two years dedicated to the Space Design Bachelor’s degree are subject to continuous monitoring and include the presentation of professional projects.


The two years of studies of the BTS in Space Design are also subject to continuous control and regular training tests. At the end of the curriculum, the students take the BTS examination.

Space Design Bachelor's degree & BTS

*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

L’hôtel de La Valette
de réhabilitation

design d’espace

Réalisé par : Anthony Gallien

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Projet d’extension d’un mazet existant dans un faubourg de Montpellier

design d’espace
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« Les 4 canaux », projet de design d’espace

design d’espace
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design d’espace

Parole de pro

Ces étudiants deviendront nos partenaires, nos clients, les forces de propositions qui sculpteront l’avenir avec leur sensibilité et leur professionnalisme.

Karen Roussette
Responsable Projets

design d’espace

Parole de prof

L’étudiant va développer et articuler ses pensées, ses idées, en s’appuyant sur des questionnements généraux : quelle est la nature de cet espace ? Quelles différences y a-t-il entre usage et fonction ?

Benoit Dauriac
Professeur de Design d’Espace

design d’espace

Parole de prof

On essaie de demander le meilleur aux étudiants ! Je vois une notion de responsabilité dans notre enseignement. Les futurs diplômés vont intervenir, élaborer des projets. Cela laissera une trace pour les gens, la ville, le paysage, et plus globalement sur notre cadre de vie.

Marie-Caroline Foulquier-Gazagnes,
Atelier de conception Design d’Espace



Directly accessible after a high school diploma in Applied Arts, a preparatory year or a class of MANAA, both the Space Design Bachelor’s degree and the BTS are intended for students attracted by architecture and interior design. During 2 years, they will be trained in the crafts of space design, architecture, construction techniques and scenography…

The Bachelor ‘s degree and the BTS revolve around the design workshop, a moment dedicated to the exchange and the reflection on space theories, which is the occasion to combine theoretical learnings, plastic pratice and professional methods specific to the project approach (analysis, design, implementation and communication). Students will learn how to conceive the space layout, to play on volumes, on the flow of people, on materials and light, in order to meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of users.


The Space Design Bachelor’s degree has a more professional orientation than the BTS. Some general disciplines, such as physical sciences, mathematics, general culture, expression and philosophy, are substituted by professional learnings (project management, deepening workshops on digital technology…).

Digital and technological teachings will be strengthened, and the students will be submitted to real-life situations in order to enable them to face up to the profession’s difficulties, and thus comprehend the reality of their future jobs.

In a world where image is everything, the interior architect must master computer technology and visual communication, and be on the lookout for technological advances and new legal standards.

The Space Design Bachelor’s degree gives the students the opportunity to make a step towards the professional world.


The Space Design BTS is a state-registered diploma (two-year Higher Education), directly accessible after a high school diploma in Applied Arts (Bac STD2A, for example) or a class of MANAA.

During this 2-year training, the students will develop skills across an artistic and technical education. General disciplines (physical sciences, mathematics, English, philosophy, general culture and expression) are also a part of the course of study.

The Space Design BTS should be the subject of a forthcoming reform aiming to shift it into a 3-year Higher Education diploma (with the integration of the class of MANAA). These modifications have not yet been officialy published, and this new version of the training, if adopted, should hopefully be more focused on professional learnings, in the same way as the Space Design Bachelor’s degree offered at ESMA.

During these two years of study, students following the Space Design BTS will alternate between practical work and theoretical courses, including general disciplines.

& Job opportunities

At ESMA, we rely on rigorous training programs, combining expertise and optimal technicality, which is the key to the success rates our Space Design BTS students encounter each year (ranging from 80% to 100%). A real asset for their integration into professional life, reinforced by the 6-week internship they must complete at the end of their 1st year of study.

During the 2nd year, students carry out a professional project. It allows them to put into practice the skills acquired during the training, to show their ability to invest themselves in a space design program, and to implement a Project Management process.

In terms of career opportunities, the Space Design Bachelor’s degree and the BTS will enable future graduates to work in a great diversity of organizations : architecture firms, space design agencies, design offices, entertainment companies, architecture department of a communication agency… They can also give access to architecture schools or courses (to 3-year Higher Education diplomas for the BTS students, and 4/5-year Higher Education diplomas for the Bachelor’s degree graduates).

Some of the job opportunities :

Space designer
Environmental designer
Interior decorator
Interior designer
Commercial Architecture designer
Set designer…


Upon completion of their studies, the field of possibilities is wide for these young creative people. Holders of a Space Design BTS or Bachelor’s degree may join a decoration agency, an architectural firm, a design office, or just as well work as freelancers.

Whether interior designer or environmental artist, the space designer is a technician who can intervene in the creation of furniture as well as participate in the layout of a house, a social center, a restaurant, an art gallery or an exhibition stand. Being a space designer means being able to take into account aesthetic requirements, production or manufacturing techniques as well as costs, in order to adapt the space as optimally as possible for the users and their needs.

A professional project conducted during the second year allows the student to be confronted with the challenges of his craft.

& Partners

What comes next ?

In terms of opportunities, our Space Design courses offer multiple possibilities across a wide range of professions : Space Designer, Environmental Designer, Commercial Architecture Designer, Industrial Esthetician, Interior Architect, TV or Performing Arts Workshop Manager…