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The Space Design courses offered at ESMA are all aimed at the professional integration of our students. Moreover, the Space Design Bachelor’s degree includes a mandatory internship period during the 1st year, in order to allow the students to quickly accustom themselves to the professional environment. In their 2nd year, the students will elaborate their professional project, which will be submitted to the opinion of the educational team.

Once graduated, the students will have the choice to work on all kinds of space creation projects, whether as employees or freelancers, within design offices or architecture firms. They will then be able to apply for positions as space designers, environmental designers, commercial architecture designers, interior architects, set designers, and take part in urban development, housing programs, cultural spaces, workplaces, event spaces… The range of possibilities is huge.

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We always try to get the best from our students! There is a sense of responsability.
Futur alumni will have to propose work, and elaborate projects, that will be in everyone daily life (city, landscape, …).

Marie-Caroline Foulquier-Gazagnes,
Space Design Workshop

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I felt a need to pass on knowledge and question myself on this profession. I looked forward to deepen my experience, and give something effective to the students.

Antonio Padilla
Design Graphic Teacher


Space Design Curriculum

*Bac, High-School Diploma, or Equivalent

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Design d’espace
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